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Release. Shift. Heal.



If you’re here, then you’re probably looking for more.


Greater possibilities, more awareness, more ease, more expansion, maybe even a different vocabulary to rewrite your own narrative. You might be experiencing chronic anxiety or issues in your relationships, health, or money, or in all of them.


Perhaps these issues have hung around your entire life, and you don’t really know who you are without them. If you’ve tried other things without much success, you know that positive affirmations, logical talk, and meditation are not enough to create significant change. Deep and lasting change occurs largely at the subconscious level where all of the core beliefs and blocks are held, most of which have been passed down generationally and absorbed through others around us. And we don’t even realize they exist! 

What is working with Julie like?

Much of the work I do with clients involves disentangling from dysfunctional relationships, whether it’s family, a place of employment, or a bigger pattern around toxic friends and partners. Relationships are often times the most embedded blocks for us and can drain and deplete our energy, keep us angry, and prevent us from moving forward. We usually feel obligated to other people—to sacrifice ourselves, be controlled, or stay stuck to keep the relationship in place—and believe that’s “normal.” Mostly, we are just replicating old patterns we experienced when we were younger.  


Working with me is powerful and life changing. I am a truth teller. I can see right away where the illusions, lies, and subconscious programs are running and limiting your full expression of self. If you’re ready to do the work, whether you’re a beginner or you’re more experienced around energy healing, I can help you awaken the awareness and energy you need to move forward. 

What happens during an Energy Healing session?

--Identify and release deeply rooted beliefs, patterns and programs keeping you stuck.

--Understand what’s really going on underneath the surface. What appears to be the block, issue, or anxiety is rarely that. There is almost always something deeper that our rational minds cannot perceive, and anxiety hides the root cause. I can see where someone is blocked immediately including health, relationships, money, and career.

--Release obligations to other peoples’ energies and bring your own energies back to you.

--Become consciously aware so that you recognize these bigger patterns and see how and what you’ve created in your life—the good, the bad, all of it—so that you can make different choices.


--I work with energy quickly, efficiently, and deeply so that you receive maximum benefit from the session. 

--My background in anatomy and movement allows our sessions to move beyond a cerebral experience to a more grounded, visceral experience and shift in the physical body. 

--My intention is to empower you through restoration of your own energy by learning to choose self, trusting self, and trusting the energy that you are.


If you’re ready to uncover what is actually true for you instead of believing the programs of lack, limitation, and hardship, then you've come to the right place.

Heart Shape

Marie C., IL

Working with Julie is straightforward and uncomplicated. She not only puts you at ease immediately, but takes the time to explain the process. Julie is warm, welcoming and kind - a true healer. This work has sharpened my awareness in my daily life. I am able to identify old energy patterns when they come up and choose differently around them. I’m able to better understand others in my life, and this has helped to create improved relationships. 



Genevieve N., IL

Working with Julie has completely transformed my life. Through our sessions, we have cleared old patterns that were holding me back and have opened up so many new opportunities in my life. I used to live in constant anxiety and fear, and through working with Julie I now feel at peace and at home in my body. I feel like I can now approach my life and new opportunities with clarity and awareness. I cannot recommend working with Julie more highly!



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