Release. Shift. Heal.


Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions 


Thank you for visiting my website. You'll find all kinds of options here to consider and play with! From conversations that delve into the varying aspects of your life and invite you to new possibilities, to movement-based practices that allow you to stretch and let go of tension, to energetic modalities that guide you to different spaces and places that you may never have considered before. In what way can I contribute to you?

What is working with Julie like?

"Digging deeper" are two words I normally shy away from, but with Julie, I know that means release and freedom are on their way. Whether it's encouragement to hold a yoga pose a few seconds longer, or gently peeling back layers of complex emotional blocks, the result is feeling happier, lighter and more grounded. Julie has a wonderful calming presence and no issue ever seems too overwhelming OR too trivial. Her ability to pinpoint hidden beliefs and effortlessly aid in removing them has truly changed my life. An unselfish teacher and extraordinary healer, Julie's gifts are a blessing to everyone.

                                                                 ~ J.E.S., Illinois

"Julie is a person of the Light.  Her profound dedication to truth is truly healing.  Through working with Julie I have been able to integrate thoughts, feelings and concepts that had previously remained separate.  She has also given me language and healing around feelings I had never before been able to understand. Not only have I experienced incredible help from Julie’s work, but she taught me how to do this for myself which has completely changed my life!  I have always believed anything is possible, and after working with Julie I now know anything is possible because I have experienced it."


     ~ C.R., Illinois

"Julie came highly recommended by a dear friend and she had helped me over the phone for the past few years. I have found the whole experience with Julie to be profound and transformational and intensely positive. She is gentle, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, humorous, and extremely talented. I am completely safe and inspired by the work we have done together. Julie's sessions always have an immediate healing impact emotionally and physically. I am so grateful for her insights and abilities on this journey."

--A.F., Virginia 

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