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Complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call

Choose this if:

  • You are a first time client.

  • You have questions. 

  • You are wondering if you and I are a good match.

Please come prepared with your questions prior to our scheduled time as 15 minutes can feel like it goes fast if you don't fill it with what you need.  This is not a session or a sample session.  This is a chat to discover what is best aligned for you! 

Please email or text me to schedule your 15 min complimentary call.


Energy Healing & Coaching 


Sessions are gentle, powerful, and skillfully move old stuck energy from all aspects of your being. Beginning with a short, guided meditation to connect more deeply, I help you identify and release limiting subconscious beliefs, programs, and emotions that are at the root of the issue(s).  


After these old patterns are released, positive feelings and downloads are instilled so that you and your body know how to move forward with joy.  


I work closely with your body and inner child to create integration and harmony to build trust among all aspects of self. 


These sessions utilize various modalities to best address your needs, and I honor what is in the highest and best for you. 


There are times, however, when sessions focus more on conscious awareness, reframing, and guidance around next steps. In all of the work, my intention is to help you see and choose what is authentic for yourself.


All sessions are one on one and take place over the phone, allowing me to connect with you wherever you live.​  

Please contact me through email or phone message when buying any sessions in order to schedule the best date and time.

30 mins $150

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60 mins $275

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4 x 60 min session package $997

(savings of $103)

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Packages are non-refundable


When you purchase a service or class with me, you agree with the following terms and conditions: I, Julie Sanford, am not a medical professional, and my services do not replace medical care for humans, children, or animals. My services do not replace psychiatric care. My services cannot diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent an illness in humans, children, or animals. I, Julie Sanford, am not liable for any decisions made by you during or following a spiritual service or class concerning your health or your life in general, your child’s health or life in general, or your pet’s health or life in general. Everything discussed during our session is completely confidential on both parties ends. All communication between us via text, email, and any social media outlet is confidential. Your name and phone number are also confidential. If you are taught anything during our session, the information is not to be repeated or replicated as your own. I am not responsible for your healing or health. I cannot guarantee results for you, your child, or pet. I do not offer refunds on any of my services or classes for any reason. This agreement is valid for anyone who has purchased any session or class with me previously and as of present.


A 100% cancellation fee of your total session time will be applied to any reschedule or cancellation less than 24 hours in advance. 



   Emily N., IL

Julie has made the most tremendous difference in my life. I try to explain her method to friends as “like therapy on steroids.” Where a typical therapist helps clients identify dysfunctional patterns in their lives, Julie simply removes them. After just one session with Julie, I was able to clean out and throw away a purse I had been hanging onto from a very dark period in my life years before. It was like a metaphor for so much dead weight from past traumas that Julie’s work has liberated me from. 

I found Julie thanks to a family friend who encouraged me to give her method a try.


At the time, I was struggling to be free from anger that was damaging my life on a daily basis. I had spent countless hours on both talk therapy and EMDR, both of which helped somewhat, but my inner life was still being eaten by anger. Julie’s work not only cleared the anger away but opened my awareness to how many other circumstances I was allowing to damage my life. After every session with Julie, my inner life is freer and lighter and I am able to make positive changes I couldn’t have imagined before.

Julie’s work has also dramatically improved my physical health. I had struggled with sleep issues since childhood which worsened after periods of stress. Since my teen years, I have seen sleep specialists, endocrinologists and orthodontists and tried numerous remedies, therapies and night-time appliances. While many of these treatments helped somewhat, I still needed about ten hours of sleep to function and routinely slept into the afternoon. After several sessions with Julie, my sleep pattern has entirely healed. I wake up refreshed after eight hours of sleep, and my typical sleep pattern is now midnight to 8am. 

There is so much more freedom, possibility and joy in my life thanks to Julie. I highly recommend her method to anyone who is seeking healing in any area of their life. 


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