About Julie...

When I took my first yoga class over twenty years ago, I knew nothing about the practice, but the connection was immediate and deep. Yoga helped me to understand my body and myself, and I wanted to share this with others. At that time, I had a “traditional” life, but I’ve never been traditional. I was teaching writing at a university full time and had no idea of how I could possibly do anything else. How could I leave an impressive looking, steady career of 15 years and venture into something unknown? I was, however, certain that I had to. I felt stuck in all areas of my life—relationships, career, health.  


I felt drained, overwhelmed, and anxious most of the time, and suffered from debilitating panic attacks. I allowed others to control me, denied my own awareness, and believed I couldn’t choose something greater.  I thought “greater” was for other people, and that I should be ok with what I had. My sensitivity to everyone and everything around me shut me down, and I made myself wrong for all of it.  I always knew I didn’t fit in with the group/collective??, but I had no idea what else was even possible. 


In 2009, I discovered Yin yoga, a powerful approach to working with the fascia to help release restrictions in the body, physically and emotionally, and I have been teaching yoga ever since. That was my first big shift into the energy world, and yoga became a natural transition out of my academic life into using my intuition on a deeper level as a facilitator of healing work and spiritual life coaching. I explored various modalities and trainings including ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness, and Integral Anatomy, all of which I utilize with clients today. It became clear that I was never meant to “fit in,” and that it was time to create my own path that looked completely different from anything I had experienced. I wonder if any of this resonates with what you are going through and how you are feeling? 

Now I have a life of ease and expansion, and I am grateful to help others do the same.

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