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Rinse and Repeat: Mirroring, Play, and Pups

One of the best things about having a dog is meeting other dogs. My neighborhood is full of them. In fact, I can't believe that pretty much every day Emmie and I meet a new pup. Where do they all come from?? It's like a clown car with a never ending supply of canines. The meet and greet, the fresh energy, and the constant reminder of joy pulls me out of a funk and demands "get over it!" Once I'm back in my inside living space, I can recognize the mirror that Emmie (and all of our animals) provides for me--showing me when I'm aligned and when I'm disconnected.

Anytime I'm feeling "off," Emmie is right there to help me see it. She will often become extremely energetic and play harder than normal, she may turn down food, or follow me around in an unsettled way. I didn't always make the connection between my energy and hers, especially when I thought I felt fine, but it has become more apparent than ever. She is a barometer for me. And when I'm able to release the stuck energies for myself, she inevitably settles down.

Many clients ask me to check in on their animals to see what's going on energetically, and I always find the animals are reflecting something about the owner(s) or the dynamic in the house. When we live with others--human or animal--we are ALL processing energies for one another. And animals, especially, help us on our life path by showing us where we are expanding and where we may be stuck. They allow the energies to move in and out, through them, and around them. And that is an ongoing reminder for all of us, especially for myself who can ruminate on things all too easily. The fluidity of energies that our animals have already mastered is truly inspiring for the humans.

This fluidity is part of being present and in the present moment. I have to admit that the phrase "be in the present moment" was completely irritating to me for years. Anytime I'd hear that or read that, I would roll my eyes because it felt inauthentic. And maybe in certain situations, it was. But to "be in the present moment" can be hard, but it is quite powerful and exactly what our dogs and all animals do. And they are crazy good at it. Present moment allowance is actually part of the creative process we all possess. You can't be creative when you're angry about a past experience or fearing the future. The creative process is the now. Anytime Emmie invites me to play with her, I am in the present moment. And to expand that energy, I sing to her a silly song I've made up that makes me laugh. Rinse and repeat. In that simple process, you let your guard down. You breathe more deeply. Your body relaxes. Endorphins are released. You connect with your inner child. You feel good. And all through just a few minutes of playing with your dog.

So where do you need more play? And what is your pup helping you to see and do differently? Allowing our pets to help us get present in a real way shifts the brain for more fluidity and fun. No more eye rolling. Just rinse and repeat.

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