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Whose Energies Are These Anyway?

Did you know that many of the #emotions and energies you’re feeling are not even yours? We are running programs and beliefs all the time for others including our partners, children, friends, co-workers, clients, family, ancestors, and the collective, and we don’t even realize it. This usually shows up as #anxiety, #depression, #exhaustion, physical symptoms, and not feeling like Self. We end up believing that these energies are real for us when in fact they often times don’t even originate with us. In order to understand this dynamic, we must first understand the #conscious and #subconscious mind.

Conscious and Subconscious

Our conscious and subconscious are not the same, and often times operate in conflict with each other. Let’s consider the example of money. Someone may desire more money in their life. They talk about wanting more, what they would do with the money, and believe they are truly open to money flow and receiving. It’s likely they want to do things differently than their mother, father or family. But what they don’t realize is that their subconscious is telling a different story. Perhaps that it’s not safe to have a lot of money because they watched others take advantage of their parents’ money. Or they subconsciously believe that if they do have a lot of money, they will be controlling and dominating of others because they witnessed that in their job. They might also fear losing money if they had it, because they learned of their grandparents failed business. These fears may not necessarily be running in the logical conscious mind, but they ARE running in the subconscious and can create a lot of blocks, limitations, and stagnation for someone who would like more money. This is the conflict between conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind is powerful—it’s at least 90% of what is running things. But with subconscious belief work, you can release #limitingpatterns that are keeping you stuck so that you can move forward.


So much of what we carry energetically goes back to the relationship with our parents, and even earlier to the womb. We absorb, adopt, and take on many beliefs and patterns our parents and/or family are holding (which probably aren’t theirs either) about love, money, and health, as just a few examples. We don’t do this consciously, of course, but our subconscious holds on to all of that, just like a dog with a bone.


Just like physical illness and disease can get passed down genetically, so can beliefs and patterns. And even though our #ancestors are deceased, we can still be running these programs in our subconscious, without realizing it. Let’s go back to the previous example of the grandparents’ failed business. Some beliefs around that might be that everything ends in failure or I’m a failure, I can’t ever get ahead, everything has to be a #struggle, or success is dangerous. And even though next generations might not consciously buy into those limitations as real for them, those energies and experiences can create blocks in the subconscious and hinder someone’s ability to move forward.

Other peoples’ energies

Have you ever spent time with someone and left feeling drained, depleted, anxious, or triggered? You might even believe that the energy is yours or feel confused by the sudden onset of anxiety that manifests as obsessing about money or your health, for example. Or you feel angry about your job all of a sudden. So what’s up with all of that? It is likely you are either subconsciously taking on the energies for the other person because you feel obligated in some way and you think you’re helping them, especially if THEY are struggling, or this other person is helping to bring something up for you to look at more closely. This is what I help clients to see and release—obligations with other peoples’ energies. You first need to understand what is happening and why in order to fully release it and shift the pattern.

What to do?

One of the most common questions I get from new clients is how to protect themselves energetically. Should I put myself in a bubble of light? Should I use #sage and #crystals? Should I wear protective jewelry? While all of those things can be supportive to some extent, the bigger #awareness is that protection is not an external thing.

Your awareness IS your protection.

If you are aware, you cannot be manipulated, even energetically. But all of those insidious beliefs and programs running in the subconscious create fear and block your awareness. Energies can only affect you if you are a vibrational match, and that includes what is held in the subconscious. So if you want to be truly impervious to low vibrations and toxic people, you need to do subconscious #belief work to see what is actually creating the energetic match with someone or something else so that you can stand in your own energies.

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